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Specialized Instructional Support Services

Our mission is to ensure all students have the support, services and skills necessary to succeed in school and life.  The NASISP coalition represents the professionals who provide critical supports to enable every student success.  As defined in federal statute, specialized instructional support personnel (SISP) perform a wide range of activities in schools, including a broad array of prevention and intervention services that promote effective teaching and learning and promote school success.

NASISP promotes interdisciplinary practice and collaboration, and advocates to ensure equitable access to quality specialized instructional supports for all students. We recognize that through the collaboration of our organizations and our members in schools, districts and states, we can best achieve our mission. NASISP serves as a model of interdisciplinary collaboration for our member groups, state and local affiliates.

The following are the services NASISP organization members provide:


Qualified Professionals

All students deserve access the most qualified professionals, specially trained to address their diverse needs and give them the best chance for success.

NASISP member organizations are committed to a high standard of professional services within their respective fields of practice. NASISP asserts that these professionals are integral to supporting students who may experience barriers to learning, based on physical, behavioral, or learning disabilities, health conditions, or other environmental factors, such as trauma or poverty. These specialized services address immediate needs and promote a students’ lifelong competence and success.

As a coalition, we seek to highlight the value of these professionals in schools, support a model of collaborative practice, and promote continued growth of these professions, ensuring that there are enough qualified, state or professionally licensed/credentialed, experienced and dedicated service providers to meet the need.

Below, read more about our member organizations, their professional standards and scope of practice, and the services they provide for students:


Art Therapy
Educational Audiology
Music Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Psychological Services
Pupil Administrators
School Counselors
School Nurses
School Social Work
Speech-Language Pathology