Mission & Values

Our Values


NASISP members strive to make a difference through these six key core values:

1. Access to opportunities for student development, success and empowerment

NASISP believes all students should have access to the supports and services they need, in the least restrictive environment, to achieve optimal development, academic and personal success, and empowerment through the lifespan.

2. Inclusiveness

NASISP values inclusiveness among the diverse professions of specialized instructional support personnel in the service of all students belonging in and succeeding in schools.

3. Equity

NASISP believes in the equitable distribution of services and supports so that all students are able to succeed.

4. Licensed, Credentialed, Qualified Professionals

NASISP member organizations are committed to ensuring that there are enough qualified, state or profession licensed/credentialed, experienced and dedicated service providers to meet the need. NASISP further believes that these professionals are integral to students’ lifelong competence and success.

5. Health and Well-Being of the Whole Child

Professionals represented by NASISP promote the well-being and physical and mental health of the whole child, which is critical to the lifelong success of the students we serve.

6. Collaboration

We recognize that through the collaboration of our organizations and our members in schools, districts and states, we can best achieve our mission. NASISP serves as a model of interdisciplinary collaboration for member groups, state and local affiliates.