NASISP: Working Together for Student and School Success

The National Alliance of Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (NASISP) represents over a million Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (SISP) nationwide. SISP professionals provide and support school-based prevention and intervention services to address barriers to educational success, ensure positive conditions for learning, and help all students achieve academically and ultimately become productive citizens. SISP work with teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure that all students are successful in school. NASISP seeks to empower SISP professionals by encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration, and affirming their role in education’s best practices and their involvement in school improvement efforts.
Our Members: Here is a full list, including links to the websites, of the NASISP organizations that represent specialized instructional support personnel and our allied education and parent organizations.


Reducing barriers to learning in our school classrooms  

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Reduce academic, behavioral, and social-emotional barriers to learning in the classroom so children can focus on learning and teachers can focus on teaching. SISP provides services, therapies, and other individual and school-wide interventions to reduce these barriers to learning and teaching and promote better outcomes for students and schools.  Read more about the research supporting SISP research in schools.

Promoting the health & well-being of the whole child 

health and well-being

Promote the health, mental health, and well-being of the whole child. Professionals represented by NASISP promote the well-being and physical and mental health of the whole child, which is critical to the lifelong success of the students we serve. Specialized instructional support services (SISS) include prevention, intervention, transition and follow-up services. Read more. 

Opportunities for academic success and empowerment

Student empowerment

Provide all students with access to opportunities for academic success, development, and empowerment. NASISP believes all students should have access to the supports and services they need, in the least restrictive environment, to achieve optimal development, academic and personal success, and empowerment through the lifespan. Read more about the values NASISP upholds for all students.

Access to licensed, credentialed and qualified professionals

Credentialed professionals

All students deserve access to the most qualified professionals, adequately trained to address their diverse needs and give them the best chance for success. NASISP member organizations are committed to ensuring that there are enough qualified, state or professionally licensed/credentialed, experienced and dedicated service providers to meet the need. NASISP further believes that these professionals are integral to students’ lifelong competence and success. Read more about our members.

Collaboration among educators, principals and administrators


NASISP promotes interdisciplinary practice and collaboration of our organizations and our members in schools, districts, and states. NASISP advocates for ensuring access to quality specialized instructional support services for all students. NASISP members are bound together by a common vision to provide all students in all states, the programs and professional support services they need to ensure success in school.  Read more about SISP professionals and services.

Advocating for SISP best practices and appropriate student services

Best practices

NASISP advocates for Best Practices for SISP and appropriate services for students. NASISP supports and advocates for SISP (specialized, instructional support personnel), as part of a multidisciplinary education team. This includes advocacy for the students and families who deserve and can benefit from specialized instructional support services. Read more about the issues and advocacy covered by NASISP.

NASISP Fact Sheet Education Policy Federal Definitions