NASISP Policy Issues

Student Health & Well-Being

In order for students to be academically successful, they must be healthy and strong, both physically and mentally.  Specialized instructional support personnel assist in identifying children with healthcare needs and may provide direct services to children and families or serve as the conduit to community resources.  NASISP members work on a wide range of issues related to these domains, including the following:

Mental Health
  • School-wide approaches to school safety and violence prevention
  • Positive behavioral interventions, supports, and other programs that promote supportive discipline practices
  • Support for the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program and other school-based mental health services
  • Anti-bullying measures and policies that support non-discrimination
  • Suicide prevention
  • Crisis prevention, intervention, and postvention services
Physical Health
  • Early childhood development (both physical and social/emotional)
  • Prevention services
  • Student health screenings, including speech, language, and hearing screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Care for students with chronic conditions/diseases (including childhood obesity)
  • Fine and gross motor transition and mobility services, including occupational therapy and physical therapy

NOTE:  All documents from NAPSO should now be recognized as NASISP documents. The new coalition name has been in effect since 2012.