NASISP Policy Issues

Statement on the Use of Medicaid in Schools 

The National Alliance of Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (NASISP) supports the use of Medicaid as an appropriate and cost-effective source of funds to help pay for essential services for Medicaid eligible children. We assert that Medicaid funds can and should be used in the schools to help pay for Medicaid eligible services to Medicaid eligible children, including students with disabilities. Medicaid funds, combined with other funding sources, contribute to the delivery and enhancement of services for Medicaid eligible children.

NASISP represents highly qualified professionals who may be providers of Medicaid-eligible services. Many of these health services remove barriers to student learning and are essential to academic success. Additionally, schools are a crucial point of access for such services. As such, Medicaid-eligible students should continue to have access to Medicaid-eligible services through the schools.

NASISP does not condone fraud, waste, and abuse of Medicaid funds. We will continue to work with our organization members in the appropriate use of Medicaid dollars to ensure that waste, fraud, and abuse do not occur.

NOTE:  All documents from NAPSO should now be recognized as NASISP documents. The new coalition name has been in effect since 2012.